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Product Description

DermaForge® is a unique software packet for scanning and automatic analysis of patient’s moles. Using sophisticated methods of image processing and analysis developed in close cooperation with renowned dermatologists, DermaForge® offers a reliable, non-invasive and painless solution for scanning and evaluating suspicious moles on any part of the patient’s body.
The product is supplied either with a compact dermatoscope or a HEINE DELTA®20 T dermatoscope connected to a Canon digital camera.

Mole Scanning Procedure

  • The microscope is applied to the mole that is to be examined
  • Digital images of the mole is displayed on the monitor in real time
  • The focus may need adjusting to get the best image possible
  • The camera shutter button is pressed to capture the examined mole

Automatic ABCD Mole Analysis

  • The system is capable of evaluating the degree of asymmetry (A), border shape (B),
    homogenity of the colors present in the mole(C), and mole diameter (D) of the examined mole immediately
  • The analysis determines the risk measure of malignity for every investigated criteria
  • The software automatically removes hairs and noise off the scanned image
  • The images of patient’s moles can be visually compared
    differences between individual examinations can be recorded

Manual Analysis Support

  • The software includes built-in support of other regular analytical methods, such as complementary diagnostic tools
  • In addition to automatic ABCD analysis, the application offers the Stolz scoring criteria as well as Menzies and Argenziano scoring

Management of Mole Images

  • Manage patient data and examination results thanks to an easy-to-use system
  • Assign mole images to specific parts of the patient’s body
  • Monitor the chronological development of the monitored moles and compare changes with patient’s previous examination results
  • Attach notes to all moles and their individual records
  • Print and export modifiable reports and diagnoses along with a set of recommendations

Mole Image Library

  • Browse images of all categorized moles
  • Insert, describe and categorize images of moles that are diagnostically interesting
  • Examples of diagnostic algorithms are included

Product Specification

DermaForge installation & system requirements








  • DermaForge® Installation Package
  • Digital DINOLITE* DERMASCOPE – microscopic images
  • Canon EOS Digital Camera – macroscopic images (optional accessories)

Option: Heine* + Canon

  • DermaForge® Installation Package
  • HEINE DELTA®20 T* dermatoscope
  • Canon EOS digital camera – microscopic images
  • Connecting adapters and cables
  • Canon EOS digital camera – macroscopic images (optional accessories)

Option: Optilia Mediscope*

  • DermaForge® Installation Packet
  • Optilia Mediscope* kit – microscopic images
  • Canon EOS digital camera – macroscopic images (optional accessories)
OPTION Heine + Canon
OPTION Optilia Mediscope

A handy and lightweight handheld digital microscope with built-in white LED lights, comfortable manual focusing and a polarizing filter for detailed skin surface scanning.

Designed for use in dermatology, the device meets all hygienic requirements and requires only basic maintenance.

DINOLITE* DERMACOPE Technical Specification
Resolution: SXGA 5 Megapixels
Zoom: 10-50x
Scanning speed: up to 30 images per second
Light: 8 built-in white LEDs (software controlled)
Polarizing filter: removable
Focusing: manual
Microtouch control button
Sensor: colour CMOS
Interface: USB 2.0
Dimensions: length 10.5cm, width (diameter) 3.2cm
Weight: 140g
Other components included: handy stand, contact cover (spare one can be ordered if damaged)

Get a fully-fledged digital dermatoscope by connecting the popular HEINE DELTA®20 T* dermatoscope to a Canon digital camera using our DermaForge® application. Doctors can initiate the process of scanning simply by pressing a camera button, transferring images into the application and projecting them directly onto the screen in real time. Pressing the camera button again will stop the scanning process automatically, whereupon the images are analysed and all images and results are stored.

If a doctor already has a dermatoscope of the type mentioned above, they can choose to purchase the remaining parts of the set to get the functionality of a digital dermatoscope, saving the costs of a HEINE DELTA®20 T* dermatoscope.

Supported Canon Camera Types

EOS-1D X Mark II
EOS 1300D
EOS 760D
EOS 750D
EOS 7D Mark II
EOS 1200D
EOS 700D
EOS 100D

Technical Specifications of the recommended Canon EOS 1200D/1300D
Dermatoscope: HEINE DELTA®20 T*
Adapters: HEINE Accessory Set to suit Canon Digital SLR Camera
Cables: Mini USB cable of at least 2 metres
Micro image camera: Canon EOS 1200D/1300D body
Resolution: 18 megapixels
Controlled by the shooting button located on the body of the camera
Sensor: Colour CMOS
Interface: USB 2.0

Optilia Mediscope configured for dermatoscopy offers a state-of-the-art system featuring an advanced hand-held digital camera with superior optics and light polarising illumination.
The Mediscope can be used on all areas of skin and the system of lenses provides sharp and detailed images with accurate colour representation, from 20x to 50x magnification.

Optilia Mediscope* Technical Specification
Mediscope Digital video microscope
Resolution: 3 Megapixels
20x-50x varifocal lens with LED illumination and dry polarized optics
20x dry extension contact adapter
50x dry extension contact adapter
Frame Rate: 10 fps
Illumination: 12 white ultra bright LEDs
Capture Control: Image capture foot-switch and microscope body switch
Sensor: colour CMOS
Interface: USB 2.0
Dimensions: length 14,5 cm, width (diameter) 5,5 cm
Weight: 250g (with lens)
Other components included: Aluminum transport case, Desk-top holder for Medicsope, Image capture foot-switch for Mediscope

  • * Dino-Lite is a registered trademark of AnMo Electronics Corporation
  • * HEINE DELTA®20 T is a product of HEINE Optotechnik
  • * Optilia Mediscope is a produkt of Optilia Instruments AB