IT services

Your company has many dynamic parts: from the infrastructure, your employees to the revenue-generating customers. With the only source of your IT needs you can focus on what is most important = your goals>

Computer network and systems management

Management of your networks and servers does not need to worry you any longer. Our solutions are tailored for speed and stability. With the increasing risk of ever more sophisticated attacks, your security and security of your data is our priority. We do not leave anything to chance so we offer our comprehensive services in penetration testing and vulnerability management. In case of an incident we offer instant response services and crisis management.

Monitoring solutions

We enable companies and individuals to transparently track and record network activity. It is possible to carry out a reverse analysis of the communication on the recorded data, which helps to identify potential leaks of sensitive information. In case of data leakage and security breaches, we offer forensic investigation and prevention.

Consulting services

Your security in cyberspace and the security of your data are our priority. That is why we are ready, along with our team of world experts and professionals, to offer you expert advice on e-security and cybercrime prevention.