software solutions

Software Development

{ We analyse }
We will evaluate your requirements
and propose a solution that will
help you meet your goals.

{ We implement }
Based on proposed solution we implement it with help of the latest technologies and programming languages.

{ We help you with IT management }
Following the implementation of the solution we will teach you and guide you from the training to the management and monitoring.

With the development of your business, your management and sustainability requirements of your current systems are often developed. Our team of experts takes every problem as a challenge. Fibamo offers customized computer vision software solutions tailored to customer requirements, using existing and proven modules and expert products in this area. We’ll take you through three steps and will focus directly on your goals. The first step towards your goal is a detailed analysis. Our team of experts will make a proposal for a solution based on your requirements and ideas. With our expert software developer team, your requirements and ideas will be turned into reality. After the implementation of the mutually approved solution, you will be acquainted with the result. We will then guide you from the training to the managing your new system.

# Medical diagnostics and laboratory analyses applications;

  • assembling/pre-processing of the images obtained by the microscope
  • counting of cells, microorganisms in the image
  • identification of structures and object categorization in the image

# Industrial applications;

  • product quality testing on production lines – detection of defective products
  • categorisation / counting of the products based on their visual properties
  • measurement of structure integrity
  • control tools for surveillance and camera systems – parking lot, entrance gates, etc.

Existing software solutions

# DermaForge tool

Dermatological diagnostic tool designed for analysis, assessment and long-term monitoring of nevus development in patients. Comfortable processing of evidence detracts from excessive administration and allows dermatologists to do their best. Using state-of-the-art imaging and image processing methods developed in close collaboration with recognized dermatologists, DermaForge offers a reliable, non-invasive and painless solution in capturing and evaluation of the suspicious nevus characteristics anywhere in the patient’s body.